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 Vermont News: War Party And Peace Party By Rearranging Politics And Parties

Politics by Peter Moss for U.S. and VT House in 2008

American history is full of unsuccessful or failed third parties at least as far back as Teddy Roosevelt's Progressive/Bull Moose fiasco a century ago. So, I for one, propose a different idea. President George W[armonger] Pinocchio is treading water to gain time. His underlying goal is unchanged: privatize Iraqi (and later all Middle East) oil production so the nine sisters [Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco, Phillips Conoco, and Shell Oil] can skim the profits we pay for at the gas pump, and some of which finances terrorism. These profits exceed the comprehension of most people. Briefly, Iraq's oil is so coveted because it is a high-carbon, low-sulfur crude that commands a premium, it is very plentiful at 112 billion barrels proven reserves and may be close to Saudi's 260 billion eventual total, and exceptionally low cost because of shallow wells with high flow rates, costing $1 to $1.50 per barrel including 15% return on investment, but selling for up to $70 per barrel. The difference is all profit. No wonder oilmen call Iraq "an El Dorado." Assuming 250 billion barrels and 50% recovery, Iraq's oil is worth $3,125,000,000 over the next 50 years. At $1.50 production cost or $188-billion, profit is $2.937 trillion. And then there is natural gas. [see James A. Paul, Oil in Iraq, Global Policy Forum, UN Security Council, http://www.globalpolicy.org/security/oil/2002/12heart.htm. And when oil runs out by, say 2050, then there is a 275-year coal reserve under the U.S. which can be liquefied for motor fuel [see Peter Moss, Bush's dirties little secret: The coalification of the United States, Vermont Guardian, April 21, 2006, page 7].

The two-faced Demopublican donkeyphant party has dominated U.S. politics for more than a century. Walter Karp published "Indispensable Enemies: The Politics of Misrule in America" in 1973; I read it shortly after it appeared. It is an unsparing analysis of the way the Democratic and Republican parties collude to stay in power. Thus collusion, not competition, characterizes the two-faced party which has ruled the U.S. throughout the 20th (and 21st) century which Karp calls a bipartisan oligarchy. My own summary: "Winning is nothing; moneyocratic control is everything."

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Even as I write this, the Iraq "Study" Commission laboring under Senator Levin of Michigan is looking for a mendacious excuse to be published in December, of why GIs must stay and die in Iraq probably until 2050 (if we the voters don't do something besides voting Democratic). Meanwhile, Bush is protecting the U.S. client regime he has installed in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, which he and the Big Media call democracy. They even have a special vocabulary to cover for the Demopublican collusion and conspiracy against us: bipartisanship, non-partisan decision, consensus, moderation, cooperation, civility, collaboration, compromise, etc., etc. Anything to cover up collusion and conspiracy.

So here is my first of four proposals. In our discussions and publications, combine them into The War Party or moneyparty, and combine the Progressive-Liberty Union-Green-and-Independents into a Peace Party or nomoney party for the next 2-year election cycle. The War Party and their Big Media will ignore The Peace Party as long as they can, which will not be for very long. Once The Peace Party achieves media access parity, we can blow the cover of their fraudulent conspiracy. Even as George Pinocchio "has not decided" whether to send more troops to Iraq, or withdraw some, and even as Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is off the table, and Harry Reid says nothing, the "bipartisan" Levin fraud will find excuses for the Big Media why the U.S. cannot evacuate all Americans from Iraq overnight by commandeering sufficient civilian and military aircraft to repatriate 140,000 or so yanks.

I hope that once their cover is blown, the century-plus old fraud will crumble. What we have now, including national disgust with politics as usual; proof that Democrats are not an opposition party but a shadowboxing co-conspirator; growing Internet and e-mail access free from Big Media and oligarchic control; and a small but growing, literate and dedicated cadre for rearranging U.S. politics and parties, it is worth a 2-year trial period. I have other proposed solutions and follow-up arrangements after 2008, but this will suffice unto this day.

I am not intimidated by thallium in my sushi because the FBICIA is not taking me seriously, because I advocate peace, not violence. My first summer job in 1950 was in the laboratory of a refinery then owned by Anglo-Iranian, now BP. My second postgraduate job was with Esso Research & Engineering in 1956, now Exxon. I would gladly forfeit my modest Exxon-Mobil annuity if I could help de-privatize the nine sisters. That done, Iraq would be just another sorry Vietnam-like waste of GI and "enemy" lives, blood, limbs, and property.

Peter Moss of Fairfax, VT. has declared for U.S. House and Vermont House in 2008.
He can be reached at [email protected] or, Meet him at http://petermoss.org.

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Re: War Party And Peace Party By Rearranging Politics And Parties (Score: 1)
by Blue1moon on Saturday, December 02 @ 09:08:07 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
A "peace party" is exactly what we need, and if we are ever to have any hope of defeating the 'war/it's about power/control/money' party/ies, we must all find a way to blend our ideas and come together, and support our strongest candidates.

It's time to UNDO the damage done and prevent the ever increasing monstrosity being created.

UNDO, UNDO, UNDO! (Ah, how I wish there was an easy undo button!)

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