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 The News: An American Banking Revolution Awaits

These tough economic times require creative alternatives to Wall Street, including more state banks.

By William A. Collins

Vermonters aren’t like the rest of us: They live in a small state with a flinty history and a legendary suspicion of outsiders.

That independent streak gained luster when 15 Vermont towns voted earlier this year to reinforce this independent tradition by approving a proposal to create a state bank.

The Vermont Economic Development Authority would get a license to do what private banks normally do — only with a mandate to serve the public interest no matter what.

This isn’t unprecedented. North Dakota has enjoyed a flourishing state banking system for nearly a century. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, May 22 @ 18:59:59 EDT (2110 reads)
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 Environment: Carbon Divestment

Already, the California Teachers' Pension Fund, the state of Vermont, the city of Seattle, and students across the nation are working on divestment campaigns that will speed the transition to renewable energy.

By Andrew Korfhage

President Barack Obama is on a rhetorical roll on the issue of climate change.

“The 12 hottest years on record have all come in the last 15,” Obama pointed out to Congress and the American people in his State of the Unionaddress. “Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods — all are now more frequent and more intense…[F]or the sake of our children and our future, we must do more to combat climate change.”

He also referred to global warming at his first post-election press conference and in his inaugural address, citing evidence for it being caused by human activities and committing to greater action in his second term.

But Obama’s options for fighting climate change on his own are limited. And the likelihood of congressional action isn’t promising.

The good news is that momentum is growing for a strategy that allows people to take the issue of climate change into their own hands — by divesting from fossil fuel companies. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, March 09 @ 16:14:43 EST (787 reads)
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 Environment: A Nuclear Strike on States' Rights

Vermont's Yankee reactor would have closed this year had a power company kept a decade-old promise.

By Deb Katz

The 9/11 attacks made terrorist incidents at nuclear reactors appear much less hypothetical. After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, concerned citizens grew more alarmed about the possibility of a catastrophic nuclear accident in our own country. Now, a struggle underway in Vermont over the future of its only nuclear reactor is highlighting the threat that power companies can pose to our democratic process.

Vermont's Yankee nuclear power plant first went online in 1972. It was originally projected to shut down this year and Vermont's legislature has overwhelmingly demanded that it cease operations. But in a gross violation of states' rights, the courts and the federal government are overriding that choice.

The New Orleans-based power company Entergy has owned this systemically mismanaged reactor since 2002. When Entergy acquired Yankee, it agreed to a state approval process for a new permit to continue operating the reactor after 2012. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, November 01 @ 19:02:29 EDT (824 reads)
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 Truth To Power: Resistance in Vermont


By William Boardman, [email protected]

Public opposition to basing the F-35 first strike bomber in Burlington, Vermont, is intensifying on three fronts: legal, political, and public health.

With the Air Force’s final decision probably little more than a month away, the Stop the F-35 coalition has signed up dozens of people as co-plaintiffs in current and future legal actions, including a potential multi-million-dollar liability suit against the City of Burlington as the landlord of the Burlington International Airport. One estimate projects that housing made unsuitable for residential use could cost the city as much as $171 million if the city was to be held liable.

The Air Force’s environmental impact statement last spring estimates that at least 1,366 homes would be rendered unsuitable for residential use, while others say the impact will reach more than twice as many. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, October 02 @ 20:22:24 EDT (875 reads)
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 The News: The Natives Are Restless in Vermont, As Is Almost Everyone Else

VermontBy William Boardman, [email protected]

Vermonters have always been independent, whether it was having their own republic (1777-1791), re-electing a Congressman while he was in jail (Matthew Lyon, 1798), or sending a Socialist to the Senate (Bernie Sanders, 1994-2012). Vermont is a place where the protest vote can be in the majority and protest itself is currently in full bloom across the state.

It’s not just Occupy somewhere, of which there are several in Vermont, but a whole host of issues and actions ranging from rolling a tractor over several sheriff’s cruisers in Newport up north to getting arrested at a “die-in” at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear power plant in Vernon down south.

Here’s a sampling of current Vermont protest activities:

· POLICE VIOLENCE in Burlington continues to roil a lot of people, with a series of rally/march/speakout events on August 8, 9, and 13, as the mayor vaguely promises some sort of investigation, the police chief goes on vacation, and the local newspaper takes an atypical editorial stand against local authorities.
http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=425004684207986&set=a.259600294081760.59644.258145564227233&type=1 ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, August 21 @ 20:50:10 EDT (1065 reads)
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 Politics: Marijuana Issue Raised By Vermont Republican Running For Gov.

Vermont By William Boardman, [email protected]

In a fundraising email sent out on Wednesday, Aug. 8, the Republican candidate for Governor of Vermont claimed that “Governor [Peter] Shumlin is making decriminalization of marijuana one of his top priorities,” although Republican Randy Brock doesn’t cite any source for that assertion.

Shumlin has long supported moving toward decriminalization of marijuana in Vermont, but there little evidence it’s one of his “top priorities,” which include providing Vermonters with universal health care, developing more affordable housing, and taking care of the growing numbers of homeless people. http://nlihc.org/article/vermont-advocates-celebrate-multiple-wins-legislative-session

Referring to a report in the Burlington Free Press, Brock’s email wrongly claims “that Governor Shumlin took the highly unusual step of personally calling the head of a marijuana legalization organization and volunteering to be their national spokesman … in exchange for a max-out contribution of $6,000, of course (8/6/12).” As it turns out, NORML is giving Shumlin $2,000. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, August 10 @ 18:38:43 EDT (785 reads)
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 Occupy: The Next Big Oil Pipeline Isn't Happening in Vermont - Yet!

International Conference, International Protest, FBI Visitations

By William Boardman [email protected]

If you’re an oil company trying to get dirty tar sands oil from central Canada to a tanker port on the Maine Coast, why not just reverse the flow of a 71-year old pipeline that already carries crude oil from South Portland, Maine, to Montreal, passing through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Quebec, on the way?

One reason would be the Canadian court decision last February that denied permission for pipeline owners to build a pumping station in an agricultural zone in Dunham, Quebec, near the Vermont border.

Another reason not to proceed would be that Enbridge, Inc., owner of a pipeline from the central Canadian tar sands to Montreal, has recently suspended development of that pipeline for hotter, more corrosive tar sands oil. But the company continues to seek the permits to make its so-called “Trailbreaker Project” possible under better economic conditions.

A third reason to move toward an alternative fuel would be the growing popular opposition in the region – especially in Vermont and Maine where opponents have a facebook page called “Occupy The Portland Montreal Pipe Line Route.” http://www.facebook.com/OccupyThePortlandMontrealPipeLineRoute

Pipeline protestors will be only one of many groups gathering in Burlington, Vermont this weekend to try to make their voices heard at the 36th annual Conference of New England Governors, which includes six American governors, five Canadian premiers, and an ambassador from each country, a group that traditionally conducts public business in private, but holds a press conference afterwards. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, July 28 @ 19:59:43 EDT (1326 reads)
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 The News: Air Force Errors Help Escalate Vermont's Fight Over F-35 Basing

By William Boardman, [email protected]

The Pentagon has admitted it was wrong about basic facts relating to basing the F-35 stealth fighter-bomber in Vermont, so of course the announcement was made late last week in a story spun to be about public participation. While most Vermont media missed the story entirely, the Burlington Free Press got the scoop and missed its significance, focusing instead on the extension of the public comment period on the Air Force’s environmental impact statement. Mission accomplished? http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20120713/NEWS02/307130009/Pentagon-Keep-comments-coming-

The environmental impact statement has been sharply criticized for weeks by retired Air Force Col. Rosanne Greco, whose critique pointed out false information on the scoring sheets on which the statement’s conclusions were based. In a locution worthy of Watergate, Pentagon spokesman Col. Frank Freeman explained that those erroneous score sheets and “no longer applicable.”

The Air Force refuses to make them public. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, July 19 @ 20:47:24 EDT (1233 reads)
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 Other News: USA Out of Vermont Now ?

The Third Statewide Convention on Vermont Independence

September 14, 2012
Vermont State House
Montpelier, Vermont

The Third Statewide Convention on Vermont Independence will be held in the House Chamber of the Vermont State House on September 14th. It will begin at 9:00 a.m. and conclude at 4:00 p.m.

Keynote speakers will be Morris Berman, author of the provocative book about the demise of the American Empire entitled Why America Failed, and Lierre Keith, co-author of the equally radical Deep Green Resistance, which unabashedly calls for the end of civilization in its present destructive form. The convention will also include a series of short presentations on agricultural, energy, economic, and political independence.

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, July 17 @ 19:41:58 EDT (1629 reads)
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 International: No Nukes Protests in Vermont & Scotland

VermontApanther writes "
Nuclear Submarines, Nuclear Power Targeted

By William Boardman, [email protected]

Early Sunday morning in Scotland protestors serenaded workers arriving at the nuclear-armed Trident submarine base in Faslane. Later the same day in Vermont protestors serenaded police and private security at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon. Each action was the latest in decades of resistance to these nuclear installations. Each was peaceful and ended with the arrest, citation, and release of dozens of protestors.

At Faslane, Brian Larkin succeeded in melding with the workers and getting inside the submarine base, where he was arrested and charged with breach of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA), and then released.

At Vernon, about 300 people rallied on the Brattleboro Commons before trekking by bike and bus to the main gate of Vermont Yankee, which was defended by forty state troopers, a line of eight state police cruisers, and a rope with a “No Trespassing” sign. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, July 12 @ 19:28:38 EDT (1896 reads)
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 The News: Taser Death in Vermont: Trooper Zaps Epileptic

VermontBy William Boardman, [email protected]

THETFORD, Vermont – On the evening of June 20, Macadam Mason was just another all-but-anonymous 39-year-old artist, an alcoholic sober three years, a father of three who had epilepsy and mental health issues in the bargain. He’d had a grand mal seizure the day before and was suffering what, for him, were the typical disorienting after effects that usually lasted for days.

On June 21, he was dead. A Vermont State Trooper, responding to a call from a hospital suggesting that Mason was suicidal and possibly dangerous to others, ended up killing the unarmed, disoriented Mason with a taser, after a three-hour interaction, with two other troopers present, and even though they were told Mason was epileptic by the four members of Mason’s family who were forced to stay back and only watch from nearby.

As soon as Trooper David Schaffer tasered him in the chest, Mason dropped to the ground and stopped breathing. The troopers present attempted to revive him, without success. An ambulance took him to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire, where he was pronounced dead on arrival, without having recovered consciousness. The Vermont State Police are saying the taser didn’t kill Mason, witnesses disagree, and New Hampshire authorities have performed an autopsy, but say it will be several weeks before toxicology reports are done. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, July 06 @ 20:00:16 EDT (2061 reads)
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 My Story: Peace Group Attacked, 80 y.o. Assaulted

Vermontby Sherlyn Meinz

Springfield, VT I arrived this morning at our usual time and place in downtown Springfield - the corner near the movie theater. We have been standing out for well over a decade, protesting war, asking for peace, and last year joyfully adding 99% signs. I honked as usual, as I approached, though something looked strange. There was a truck pulled over blocking the corner, and Norman, 65, was picking up our signs out of the road. There was a large man looming over 80 y.o. Jane looking angry. As I got out of my car, in the parking lot behind where we stand, tying on my "peace apron"... I realized there was trouble.

The large burly stranger was yelling at Jane, her ankle was bleeding and leg scraped. Norman was angry, and rapidly getting angrier, saying the man had just knocked Jane to the ground. I approached them, asking loudly what was going on. Jane was trying to placate the man, who was mumbling "It ain't right, it just ain't right". I replied "No, throwing an 80 year old woman to the ground, is certainly not all right. What the hell is the matter with you?" I told him that he'd better leave because I was calling the police. Naturally I'd forgotten my cell phone (rather a lot going on of late.) ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, May 26 @ 23:21:32 EDT (720 reads)
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 Occupy: You're Invited 99% Spring action training

VermontFrom moveon.org

You're Invited 99% Spring action training:

Saturday in Springfield

Host: Sarah W.

Where: Vermont Interactive Technologies at the Howard Dean Education Center (in Springfield)

When: Saturday, Apr. 14, at 12:00 PM

Can you come?

More details and to RSVP below: ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, April 12 @ 22:46:40 EDT (1016 reads)
(Read More... | 1561 bytes more | 1 comment | Occupy | Score: 0)

 Opinion: Letter to the Editor on Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

VermontFrom: Norman Emmons

To the Editor,

Living in New Hampshire there are no democratic processes available to us to help shut down an aging reactor in another state. It has become clear that Vermont seems powerless too. The recent ruling of Federal Judge Murtha allowing a rogue corporation to have complete power over the state and all its people, brings into focus the sad fact that we have a fake democracy.

Our Federal government, with its institutions, (such as the NRC or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission), that are supposed to regulate issues concerning the health and safety of the people, are utterly unable to do this because they are controlled by the corporate elite. The corporate elite owns the media, the political parties and government policies.

It is glaringly time for revolutionary change that will give control to the people. One tiny way to do this would be if the State of Vermont takes over Entergy Nuclear by the process of eminent domain, after which the people can decided the fate of Vermont Yankee. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, April 02 @ 20:18:04 EDT (809 reads)
(Read More... | 2454 bytes more | Comments? | Opinion | Score: 0)

 Environment: Month of March Shut Down VT Yankee Actions





March is full of actions to support the closure of Vermont Yankee as scheduled, on time.

* Sign THE VY PLEDGE: I will take action to shut down Vermont Yankee. Click here to take The VY Pledge

A month of action....

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, March 01 @ 18:10:08 EST (913 reads)
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