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 The News: Wisconsin’s Cheesy Innovation

Unusual News
By spraying city streets with cheese brine,
Milwaukee aims to save money and reduce pollution.

By Jim Hightower

For generations, picture-takers have instructed their subjects to say “cheese.”

Well, no people say “cheese” better than Wisconsinites, who unabashedly wear cheesehead hats in public, celebrate dozens of cheese festivals, have a Monterey Jack bacterium as the states’ official microbe, and generally honor the milk curd as a deity.

Naturally, Wisconsin would be the state to come up with the idea of spraying its city streets with cheese brine.

This isn’t some sort of cheesy tourist promotion, but an actual attempt to blend two problems into one clever solution. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, February 03 @ 18:54:48 EST (1798 reads)
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 History/Culture: Arkaim, Russia's Strongest Anomaly Zone

Unusual NewsBy Margarita Troitsina

The ancient Ural fortress Arkaim located in the Chelyabinsk region is called “Russian Stonehenge.” In addition to streets and buildings ruins scientists found remnants of the water system, metallurgic furnaces, and mines. It is also believed to be one of the strongest anomaly zones in Russia.

It is worth mentioning that Arkaim, a fortified settlement of the Bronze Age was built with four entrances to the city strictly oriented at cardinal points. It was built according to a previously designed plan, with a high level of precision. All circumferences have one center where all radial feeders meet together. This circular structure is star-oriented, and the design itself looks like a model of the Universe.

According to the research conducted by archeologist Konstantin Bystrushkin, Arkaim tracks 18 astronomical events. They include sunsets and sunrises on the days of equinox and solstice, as well as sunsets and sunrises during low and high Moon. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, June 07 @ 19:46:14 EDT (983 reads)
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 Alien News: Russian High-Ranking Official Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens

Unusual NewsFrom: Komsomolskaya Pravda

The West was shocked by the statement from a high-ranking Russian politician, which he released on Russian Channel One, the country’s main TV channel.

On April 26, 2010, Channel One host Vladimir Pozner asked Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the President of the Kalmykia Republic, the following question:

“I’ve never met a person who would claim he was on an interplanetary alien aircraft. Has it really happened?“

“Seriously, it has happened,” the Kalmykia leader answered and told his outstanding story about his only encounter with extraterrestrials in his Moscow apartment.

“Was it the only encounter?” Pozner clarified.

“Yes, the only one,” Ilyumzhinov confirmed.

The aliens turned up in his Moscow apartment on Sept 18, 1997. He said as he was falling asleep he heard someone calling from the balcony. When he got up to check, he saw a "semi-transparent half-tube". He said he entered the tube and came across human-like aliens attired in yellow space suits. The Kalmyk leader took a flight with them on their alien spaceship. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, May 29 @ 08:29:13 EDT (922 reads)
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 Alien News: The Dalnegorsk UFO Crash: Roswell Incident of the SovietUnion

Unusual Newsfrom Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill’s book,
‘UFO Case Files Of Russia’

This internationally famous UFO incident took place in 1986, on January 29, at 7:55 p.m. Some have called it the Roswell Incident of the SovietUnion. The information concerning this incident was sent to us by a number of Russian ufologists.

Dalnegorsk is a small mining town in the Far East of Russia. That cold January day a reddish sphere flew into this town from the southeastern direction, crossed part of Dalnegorsk, and crashed at the Izvestkovaya Mountain (also known as Height or Hill 611, because of its size). The object flew noiselessly, and parallel to the ground; it was approximately three meters in diameter, of a near-perfect round shape, with no projections or cavities, its colour similar to that of burning stainless steel. One eyewitness, V. Kandakov, said that the speed of the UFO was close to 15 meters per hour. The object slowly ascended and descended, and its glow would heat up every time it rose up. On its approach to Hill 611 the object "jerked", and fell down like a rock.

All witnesses reported that the object “jerked” or “jumped”. Most of them recall two “jumps”. Two girls remember that the object actually “jumped” four times. The witnesses heard a weak, muted thump. It burned intensively at the cliff's edge for an hour. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, February 08 @ 18:14:12 EST (1087 reads)
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 Other News: Moscow Police Prevents Massive Invasion of Alien Leeches

Unusual News

One of Moscow law enforcement agencies discovered an underground laboratory where harmful leeches were grown. According to Yevgeny Gildeev, head of the Information and PR division of the regional Department of Internal Affairs, the leeches were brought from abroad and sold as medicinal ones.

The leech empire was destroyed in Lyubertsy - a town in the Moscow region. The owner of the lab was growing leeches in inhumane conditions, and even the personnel of the “factory” suffered from the brutalized creatures. Harmful leeches were sold both to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region.

When police broke into the lab, they found approximately 4,000 leeches. Only a part of them were kept in containers, and the rest were crawling on the floor, walls, and ceiling. They were everywhere, including the office adjacent to the lab, and an aquarium. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Tuesday, November 03 @ 20:04:49 EST (1012 reads)
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 Travel News: Unbelievable Stories of Dracula's Cruelty Most Likely True

Unusual NewsBy Yury Suprunenko & Irina Shlionskaya

Wallachian commander Vlad Ţepeş (Impaler), whose residence was located in Sighisoara, Romania, was neither a vampire nor any other supernatural creature. His family coat of arms had an image of a dragon on it, Dracula in Wallachian. That’s where the commander’s sinister nickname came from. However, the stories of his cruelty are most likely true. And Tepes was a nickname as well, not his last name. Vlad enjoyed impaling people (“tep” means “pole” in Romanian).

They say he nailed the hats to the heads of French ambassadors because they refused to remove them before him. He impaled his servant only because the poor guy could not stand the smell of corpses that served as a background for Dracula’s feasts.

Once he gathered all the beggars of his area for a feast and burned them down afterwards. The villain believed that he killed two birds with one stone – freed the country from the beggars and saved the beggars themselves from illnesses and suffering.

Once Dracula ordered to chop off the hands of a peasant’s wife and then impale her because she met her husband wearing rugged clothes. This was a reminder for other female peasants to patch their clothes. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, October 02 @ 19:59:54 EDT (1113 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: Russian Tourists try to Break Florida Law having Sex with Porcupine

Unusual News

Two Russian tourists paid a very high price for breaking the American law which bans sex with porcupines.

Staying in Florida on vacation, two Russians from Saint Petersburg decided to check whether they are able to circumvent such an unusual law or not.

Consequences appeared to be very sad. The poor fellows had to take needles from their genitals and treat inflammation for several months.

Having arrived in the USA, the Russians were given the book about the craziest American laws. For example, in Colombia sex - other than in a missionary position - is forbidden; in Kentucky it is forbidden to bring a lion to a movie theater; in Florida it is strictly forbidden to have sex with porcupines!

As it is known, forbidden fruit is always sweet, especially for Russians. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, May 21 @ 22:23:47 EDT (1130 reads)
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 Other News: Magnet woman holds any type of cooking utensils on her body

Unusual News
A 71-year-old resident of the city of Lipetsk, Elena Kovaleva, is a magnet woman. She can keep any types of cooking outfit on her body: irons, plastic bowls, crystal ashtrays and many other things. The woman discovered the gift of hers at age 45, which intensified her other gift, the gift of remote viewing.

Kitchen utensils, such as forks, spoons and knives, heat up a little after they hang on the woman’s body for a while. It is hard to take them off: they get ‘glued’ to the body hard. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Friday, April 10 @ 19:49:22 EDT (1062 reads)
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 Other News: Russian Scientists use Google Maps to find Yeti

Unusual News

The authorities of the Russian town of Kemerovo arranged a special expedition to find the yeti habitat which was discovered by Google maps.

Recently there have been more than 20 claims from the local hunters who said they had seen strange creatures in the forests. These creatures resembled yeti. After the claims from the local hunters Kemerovo authorities decided to create the team of scientists for yeti searches.

The expedition turned [out] to be successful. Scientists managed to find ‘fresh’ yeti footprints in the Azassky cave.

Scientists found two identical yeti footprints. One of them was left on the rock and it dates back 5,000 years ago, and the other footprint which was left not long ago was found at the bottom of the cave.

“They are absolutely identical. Five thousand years ago yetis settled down in this cave and now their descendants are still living here. The conditions in the cave are suitable for yeti. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, March 28 @ 20:21:30 EDT (1204 reads)
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 Other News: Man Uses His Finger as 2GB Memory Stick

Unusual News
Jerry Jalava, a young man from Finland, has all chances to become the world’s first cyborg. A part of his body has been equipped with the Linux Operating System. The man designed several programs for his finger, which works as a USB drive, infox.ru website wrote.

The man says that he is thrilled to have a 2GB memory stick instead of a finger. He wrote on his blog [see photos] that it was a very useful device which could never be lost. “It is not attached permanently to my body so when I’m using the USB I just leave my finger inside the slot and pick it up when I’ve finished,” he said.

The readers of Germany’s Die Welt believe that the Finnish man has a right to claim the title of the first cyborg in the world.

The man lost his finger in an accident on the outskirts of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, March 21 @ 21:11:26 EDT (1197 reads)
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 International: Hunters may have found cave civilization of ancient hominid creatures

Unusual News

Residents of Russia’s Kemerovo region informed the local authorities of frequent encounters with mysterious anthropoid creatures in the mountains. The Kemerovo government decided to organize a mission to explore the nearby mountainous territories.

Local hunters said that they had encountered protohuman creatures in the area of the Azassky Case, which is 60 kilometers far from the regional center, Regions.ru reports. The men said that those were well-built creatures that looked like brown bears from afar. The hunters could see from their traces that the creatures had toes and were about two meters in height. They are covered with body fur and can climb trees very well.

The local administration has received over 20 written statements from hunters with a request to investigate the existence of anthropoid creatures in the local woods. The people wrote that the creatures may attack the residents of nearby villages. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, February 19 @ 17:56:03 EST (1239 reads)
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 Wierd but True?: The Life of a Man Depends on a Pair of Socks

Unusual News

Socks play maybe not the most, but a very important role in men’s life. Men’s socks were honored in an episode of Sex and the City TV series, when Carrie Bradshaw presented her philosophic views on this piece of men’s apparel. This seems to be quite surprising because socks may often drive women mad when they see or smell them. Socks may also become the reason of family scandals.

Socks play a very important role in the life of every man. His professional career or romantic achievements may often depend on a pair of socks. A woman may find out a lot about her man if she takes a closer look at his socks.

Needless to say that women, just like men, pay a lot of attention to men’s tastes in clothes. A pair of socks is a very important accessory in men’s clothes, just like ties, watches, sleeve buttons and wallets.

Indeed, a pair of socks can tell a lot about its owner. Rational and practical men mostly choose black socks for black is a universal color that fits everything. Gray or brown socks would be the choice of conservative men who do not welcome changes in their lives. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, February 14 @ 19:11:42 EST (1960 reads)
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 Alien News: Extraterrestrials Greatly Interested in Human Sperm & Ovules

Unusual News

The president of the Academy for Applied Ufology, Academician Vladimir Azhazha, is considered to be the founding father of the Russian ufology. He shared his knowledge of aliens with Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, who subsequently confirmed his status as the nation’s chief scientist in ufology. The academician has recently marked his 80th birthday and is currently working on an extensive collection of books (ten volumes) devoted to UFOs.

It goes without saying that the traditional science does not treat ufology seriously. Vladimir Putin once said that he never believed in extraterrestrial beings. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Thursday, November 20 @ 19:34:17 EST (1205 reads)
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 Alien News: Mystery of Kecksburg UFO incident lost in NASA archives for good

Unusual News
Leonard David, an observer of one of the largest space exploration websites, space.com, updated his blog with new details about the investigation of a mysterious incident which took place in USA’s Pennsylvania. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has lost the case vs. journalist Leslie Kean about violating the principles of freedom of information.

Leslie Kean had been investigating the mystery of the Kecksburg UFO incident for four years. An unidentified flying object supposedly crashed not far from a small village in Pennsylvania in December 1965. Eyewitnesses of the incident said that they could see a ball of fire in the night sky. Some of them said that the object had performed a controlled landing.

Local newspapers and radio channels reported that military men encircled the area of the incident, conduct the investigation and then left without any explanations. However, rumor has it that spokespeople for local authorities had visited the site of the UFO crash before the military men arrived. They said that the object, which either crashed or landed in Kecksburg, was an acorn-like object the size of a baby car. The body of the object was covered with inscriptions reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

NASA provided packs of documents to Leslie Kean prior to the trial, but the documents had nothing to do with the case. It was obvious, which made Judge Emmet Sullivan agree on that. The judge’s refusal to close the case pushed NASA towards looking for more reliable. ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Saturday, July 05 @ 21:24:21 EDT (1406 reads)
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 Other News: People With Superhuman Abilities Live Among Us

Unusual NewsFrom: The List Universe

People with extraordinary abilities can be met not only in science fiction films and books. They live among us and many of them do not even know about their powers. Most of these unusual abilities are genetic and cannot be controlled by the person affected but are an inherent quality of their physical self. Here is the list of five such abilities.

5. Supertasters

People who experience taste with greater intensity than the rest of the population are called supertasters. Having extra fungiform papillae (the mushroom shaped bumps on the tongue that are covered in taste buds) is thought to be the reason why these people have a stronger response to the sensation of taste. Of the five types of taste, sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami, a supertaster generally finds bitterness to be the most perceptible.

Scientists first noticed the differing abilities of people to taste a known compound when a DuPont chemist called Arthur Fox asked people to taste Phenylthiocarbamide (PTC). Some people could taste its bitterness; some couldn’t - whether people could depended on their genetic make-up (a variant of this test is now one of the most common genetic tests on humans). While about 70% of people can taste PTC, two thirds of them are rated as medium and only one third (approximately 25% of the wider population) are supertasters.

4. Absolute pitch ...

Posted by Blue1moon on Monday, June 30 @ 22:01:50 EDT (4202 reads)
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